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Zander Scientific, Inc., / Zandair, Inc.,  located in Vero Beach, Florida has supplied high quality goods and services to laboratories, In-Vitro Fertilization clinics, and other customers for over twenty years. Our trained staff has extensive experience in laboratory supplies, In Vitro-Fertilization products, and air purification/filtration equipment. 


Zander Scientific, Inc. - Makers of Quality Air Purification Products

The Zander Scientific, Inc. product line,  ZAND-AIR™  Air Filtration / Purification Systems, provide superior air filtration using photo-catalytic oxidation.  



How Do I Decide Which Air Purifier to Buy?


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*Zander Medical Supplies, Inc. and Zander IVF, Inc. have been placed inactive and all business activities are handled by Zander Scientific, Inc.