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MRSA Airborne C-diff, and VRE in Canada Hospital

Posted by Joan Howell on Aug 3, 2011 9:17:00 AM

From environation on twitter:

MRSA outbreak called in Port Colborne http://bit.ly/r5PPe6 (http://twitter.com/environation/statuses/98515514841776128)  

MRSA airborne, I call it that because it is airborne!  So is C-diff and VRE.  When will the medical profession recognize this huge problem?  This article talks about cleaning surfaces with Hydrogen Peroxide solution but is that enough?  No of course not.  Air filtration is being used in medical facilities of course but filtration does not clean the air of all the malignant microbes that are making people sick.  Many of the malignant microbes are too small to be captured in the filters.  Then there is the problem of changing those highly toxic filters.

The hospitals in Niagara have been suffering with C-diff, and recently a hospital in Port Colborne has worked frantically to eradicate MRSA. Are airborne malignant microbes a new discovery?  No!  Scientists have known for years that bacteria, viruses, and fungi are all floating around in the air we breathe. Our bodies are made to withstand infection and disease with our amazing immune system.  What about the hospital patients with weakened immune systems, or newborn babies and the elderly?  These people are more vulnerable to catching MRSA airborne, C-diff, Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci (VRE) and a myriad of other bacteria and diseases.

Much more attention needs to be paid to cleaning the air; this would reduce what settles on surfaces and patients and what and how malignant microbes enter the body.   Education is essential for eliminating the spread of illness and disease.  Learn more about airborne pathogens and ways to destroy them.   






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